The Blue Giraffe Senior Pre-K Program

The Blue Giraffe Senior Pre-K Program

The Blue Giraffe Senior Pre-K Program

Program Highlights

Our seniors are preparing for Kindergarten, expanding on the Junior curriculum. We introduce pre-handwriting, science exploration, process & product art activities and heightened small & large motor development. Fun, games and free play each day!

The Blue Giraffe offers a child-centered Senior Pre-K class that highlights the individual needs and unique differences of each child. Our goal is to provide your child with learning experiences that will foster a positive self-image and a love of learning.

We use a thematic approach, which lends itself to a cohesive program. Specific modalities are addressed (ex. visual, auditory, language, gross and fine motor) to ensure that your child is given the opportunity for success.

Early Childhood Goals

  • Competence - to develop children’s ability in the areas of language, math, and reading

  • Cooperation - to enhance self–concepts and those of others through group activity and sharing experiences

  • Creativity - to construct new products, think of new ideas, and find alternative solutions

  • Autonomy - to encourage children to initiate, ask questions, and make appropriate choices

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